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We Supply Protection

2015 Security Service For Your Safety

2015 Security Services is one of the leading security service providers in the UK. We can assure you that we are the one you can trust because we know how to handle sensitive tasks and ensure your safety. Having an experience of many years in the security business, our best personnel will ensure there will be no breach in security.

We Will Provide Top Class Protection To Our Clients

Welcome to the 2015 Security Service

2015 Security Service is a renowned security service provider and offers all kinds of security services in more than 150+ partnered locations in the UK. We have started our journey many years ago and since then we have always ensured and prioritise the safety of our clients.

If it is about residential security or commercial requirements, we always listen to our clients first and send our experienced security personnel for that specific job.

Residential Security

Good things begin at home! That is why we always make sure that our client gets no privacy breach on their private property. We have an experienced team who manages all the processes of safeguarding our clients and ensuring their wellbeing on their private property.

Commercial Requirements

2015 Security service also offers all kinds of commercial security services as well. This service is completely client-focused. Based on our client’s requirements, we manage to support our client by covering all the possible security measures we can take. Before we get started, we always discuss and make a list of security measures and protocols. With the client’s approval, our team starts ensuring the safety of the client.

Our Vision

We are committed to ensure the top-notch security services...

Our Mission

2015 Security Service will offer the best, innovative and...

Our Goal

2015 Security service always priorities its core values...

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Our Services

Services We Provide

Welcome to 2015 Security Services. We 2015 Security Services provide a comprehensive range of services throughout the whole UK.

Manned Guarding

Security personnel from our company match your profile if you are looking for screened, vetted, and trained guards who can handle situations with tact and diplomacy without creating a panic within your facility.

Front of House Security

It is obvious that a front door is the weakest possible entry to your property. No matter what if it is a private or commercial property it is the most susceptible where you have a high risk of any criminal activity. That is why we stepped in. Our highly trained security guards are visually restrictive which will reduce the risk of any criminal activity in your property at 80%

Reception Security

A Reception Security has come up with a lot of responsibilities. They need to do patrolling in your premises and also ensure security of doors, windows and gates. Not only that they are responsible for the visitor signing as well. 2015 Security services ensures to appoint a responsible, reliable, well-trained, reception security to keep your property safe and secure.

Key Holding

Key cards/ or keys help you to access or restrict individuals to specific rooms in offices. It is important for each and every company. 2015 Security Service offers key holding service as well. As your security partner we are available 24/7 with a set of your keys in case of emergency.

Alarm Response

At 2015 Security, your safety is our main concern. We have a specialised team who are highly trained in tech and combat. Whenever there is an alarm, our security professional will investigate whether it is a false alarm or if it is an actual security breach. If anyone tries to break in, our professional will handle the rest.

CCTV Operators

Our highly trained security professionals will keep an eye on your business 24/7 by CCTV. All of them are professional. They are visually restrictive. So, if anything happens, they will look after it.

Day & Night Watch

2015 Security offers roaster-based security professionals. As we are human being, we all need rest. To ensure your highest security we offer Security professionals for Day and Night watch.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrolling is an amazing service. It is helpful for residential and commercial buildings. 2015 Security has highly skilled professionals who used patrol vehicles to keep an eye for any kind of suspicious or illegal activities.

Dog Handler

2015 Security provide security dogs where security guards might be at risk. We have NASDU accreditations and our professional dog handlers are highly trained to keep you safe from any unwanted situations.

Empty Property Security

You are most likely to face vandalism, theft, and loitering when away from your home, property, or business premises and it’s a dream for criminals if you don't place any security at your property. 2015 Security will step in to ensure security of your empty property.

Construction Site Security

Construction sites always need a high security. There are a lot of items that can be stolen, or any criminal activities may happen. Our security professionals will be there to make sure that no one can trespass your private property. They are uses high performance security equipment such as CCTV, laser powered devices, anti-theft protection devices, and so on. Our team always one step ahead from the criminal.

Experience Security
Managing Guards
Project Completed
Why Choose Us

We Are Qualified & Professional

We are working in this industry for the past 10 years with a good reputation and covered almost 1500 + sites. Our project completion rate is 100% and our experience rate is 95%.

2015 Security Service has highly-trained SIA Approved security guards. When a client asks for our services, we l

Listen to them, go through their requirements, and select the best guards for them. 

There are a few more reasons why you should choose us.

Safety is Our Middle Name


2015 Security is one of the trusted, and leading security service provider company in London. We are not saying this. That is what our customers say. We always ensure to keep you and your family and staff feel secure.

That is why we are here to keep an eye on your home and business premises whenever you are on vacation. Even if it is a holiday, we are here to protect you.

Concierge Services in London

Crime prevention is our top priority but we are equally apt in responding to a steward event security in London. 2015Security services Mobile Patrols utilise a number of ways to offer cost-effective solutions that include on-foot or car patrols.

Our singular objective is to provide you and your staff peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your business is being protected round the clock.

Our Key Points

Our security personnel matches your profile if you are looking for screened, vetted, and trained security guards who are qualified to handle situations with tact and diplomacy without creating panic within your premises.

Quality of manpower is imperative to a successful business. That is why our guards are a fundamental aspect of the company.

The post of Security Receptionist is one of the most important in any organization. This is because the receptionist is often the first point of contact between the customers and your company.

Our Partrners

Over coverage Locations In The UK

We Ready 24 Hours For You

Our Protection Is Always There 24 Hours

You need protection, you need 24/7 to keep an eye on your valuable property but this is not possible at all times by you. We need someone who can assure your safety and protection. We 2015 Security Services Whatever happens in your surroundings we will look after it all.

How We Works

Make This More Efficient

Ensuring your security is not our business, we believe it is our responsibility. We work in such a way that will be convenient for us and our clients.

We follow a few steps while working with a client.


In this process, we arrange a meeting with a client, listen to his requirements, consult, and discuss.


Based on our client requirement, we do a screening to find out the best security individuals for that specific client.


In this process, we arrange another session with the client and show them our matches based on his requirement.

If any requirements he wants to add or remove, we go through further improvisation. Otherwise, we sent our best men on duty.


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2015 security service ltd

Security and privacy are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have privacy without security and vice versa.

Security as a topic has continued to rise in popularity in the recent couple of years, and it comes as no surprise.

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SIA Approved

2015 Security Services Ltd currently holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding & Keyholding.

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