Empty Property Security

You are most likely to face vandalism, theft, and loitering when away from your home, property, or business premises and it’s a dream for criminals if you don’t place any security on your property.

Another major problem in the UK is squatting. It is not illegal for a squatter to enter and live in an empty property in the UK. To obtain a legal order to evict them takes a long time and it’s a nightmare for you.

2015 Security will step in to ensure the security of your empty property. If you are not present at your property, 2015 security provides highly qualified security personnel to protect your premises.

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Manned Guarding

2015 Security Service provides reliable, highly qualified, trained, and multi skilled security workforces in London...

Front of House Security

It is obvious that a front door is the weakest possible entry to your property...

Reception Security

A Reception Security has come up with a lot of responsibilities...

Empty Property Security

You are most likely to face vandalism, theft, and loitering when away from your home, property,...

Day and Night Watch

2015 Security offers roaster-based security professionals. As we are human being, we all need rest...

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrolling is an amazing service. It is helpful for residential and commercial buildings...

Construction Security

Construction sites always need high security. There are a lot of items that can be stolen, or any criminal activities may happen...

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